This Is Real

I am healthy. My family is healthy. Yet enough people around me have lost their lives. This is Real. The Coronavirus has brought in a new reality to my family living with autism. my whole outlook on life has changed. I personally haven’t experienced this much struggle for life. Humans are fighting disease all over the world. Well the same thing that makes me the perfect mother to autistic children is what has my heart feeling for all of humanity. I know that this corona pandemic will pass. I don’t know when, but my family and I will be reprioritizing our activities from now on. I am giving myself to love. It has me take of my children without worrying. Love replaces my fear of death. I am living my best life. I invite my children to live their best life. No excuses. I love my children. I love up on my children. I kiss and hug them. I kiss my husband. I squeeze his butt ever so often to keep him uplifted.

There is nothing more real than the people that are right in front of me. Our health is real. I have a great appreciation for the human body. My children with autism have healthy bodies. Yes autism is a neurological disorder but it has not been detrimental to their health. We practice keeping clean more than ever. The last two months remind me that my girls have a lot of abilities. I am thankful that they know how to wash their hands because they do nasty dirty stuff. They will come into the next season knowing how to clean hands, body, face, teeth, hair, and nails. So with this new reality of fighting a small and powerful unseen enemy, my family and I will clean and love.

Thank you for reading my blog. I Love You!

Published by ausomeplacetobe

I am one amazing human being named Willa Strong. I actually wrote my first book at 9 years old, it was called "The Kidnap". Now at 40 years my vision to be one of the best writers in the world is being fulfilled with the start of this blog. I am happy to give a voice to my three special children with autism and our family. Their struggles and their success have inspired me to give this life all that I have. Thank you for the support Strong-Walker Tribe. I love you!

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