Can’t take a Run…

Today my Husband, checked me about running with my daughter on the sidewalk next to the street with moving cars. We took a walk about a mile from where we stay. We go through an empty parking where other people and children are walking. My daughters and I like to run with each other and after each other. When we reached the sidewalk at a busy street I was starting another race for us. My daughter started running and she fell to her knees. My husband and I both come to her side to check on her. I look at her knees and they are scraped up. Her pants are ripped at the knee as well. My daughter isn’t crying but she is reaching at her knees.

My husband expressed to us how he didn’t want us to do that anymore. He said that its too dangerous for my daughter because she isn’t all the way focused when she runs. We actually had a heated argument about it outside. The girls weren’t happy with that.

This is us living with Autism. My girls can’t run on the sidewalk next to a busy street. All their running needs to be in a extremely safe area. This is good with me. Keeping them safe is my priority. Now I don’t know what to do to take care of their health besides walking and running. I’ll just figure something out. I can’t take my girls to the YMCA or a gym right now. I called myself doing something good by keeping them moving even on the sidewalk. How are you using your freedom?

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Published by ausomeplacetobe

I am one amazing human being named Willa Strong. I actually wrote my first book at 9 years old, it was called "The Kidnap". Now at 40 years my vision to be one of the best writers in the world is being fulfilled with the start of this blog. I am happy to give a voice to my three special children with autism and our family. Their struggles and their success have inspired me to give this life all that I have. Thank you for the support Strong-Walker Tribe. I love you!

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