Vision Board For My Family

Monday An Ausome Place To Be Learning Center had a Virtual Vision Board Party. I invited some of our friends and family but we were the only folks there. I was as prepared as I could be. I had my supplies from the last vision board my husband and I finished. I created a playlist on YouTube that started with Stevie Wonder’s “Visions” I also had my daughters favorite hits like Bruno Mars singing “That’s what I like, that’s what I like” and Katie Perry’s “Firework”.

The girls and I were vibing to the music. That’s when I decided we are going to have our party with just the four of us. My husband gave a helping hand and then fell asleep. I started to cut out words that made me light up when I looked at them. Family Festival was a phrase that made me think of An Ausome Place To Be Learning Center. I look forward to having a gathering for the special needs community that looks like a feast.

Then the magic happened when I asked my children to show me which bedroom set they want in their bedrooms. They looked at the Rooms To Go catalog and pointed to the beds they wanted. When I look at my youngest daughter choice I noticed she picked a bunk bed. I remember her and her sister had bunk beds before we moved to Georgia. Then I remembered that she likes to fall asleep in the corner of the bed. Maybe my girl chose that for her comfort as well. I love that each one of my girls made a choice.

This Vision Board looks beautiful to me.

This gives me fuel for life. The vision my family and I share is Home. We currently stay in a hotel but we can all see what we want for our house. We enjoyed the house that we lived in before we moved. Our whole family has their eyes on the prize. My girls will have the bedroom sets that they picked out, know this. Now I’m going to continue to create businesses that creates income to buy my family a home.

The vision board project worked for me and my girls. They painted the board. They put glue on the pictures we cut out. It was arts and crafts meets goal setting for us. I’m happy I did this. I’ll be doing this again for the fall. This activity was a hit. Don’t let anyone tell you that having a disability means not having a vision. My girls can see it even when they can’t speak it. Thanks for reading!

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I am one amazing human being named Willa Strong. I actually wrote my first book at 9 years old, it was called "The Kidnap". Now at 40 years my vision to be one of the best writers in the world is being fulfilled with the start of this blog. I am happy to give a voice to my three special children with autism and our family. Their struggles and their success have inspired me to give this life all that I have. Thank you for the support Strong-Walker Tribe. I love you!

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