People with Disabilities Matter

I’m ending this past week watching one of my favorite movies, “The Joker”. Joaquin Phoenix did a phenomenal job portraying a human with a mental disability. My first born child was given a diagnosis of a mental retardation when she was around 7 years age. I’ve always been intrigued by the power that the mind has over the human body. There are some things that stuck out in my mind about that movie.

The scene when the joker was on the bus entertaining the young man with tricks and his guardian turned around cut off their interaction then gave him a look of shame, hurt my feelings. I’m disappointed with the people who don’t understand that people with different abilities are all around us. I haven’t met a perfect human. Aren’t all of our imperfections disabilities? I’m being extreme but extremities are real. Society is not helping to create perfect humans for others to be an example for.

I wished the jokers mother had been open and honest with him. As a parent of a child with a disability part of our responsibility is to get our children prepared for the real world. I understand parents that can’t deal with their own truth can’t offer their children anything different. I do help to shape the reality that my children live into. Not accepting the truth doesn’t help me or my children. Its better for me to be with my hurt feelings that way I can allow healing to happen for me and my family.

The last part of the movie when the Joker killed the talk show host was crazy. The Joker could have been viewed as out of control and mentally unstable. But he had gained some clarity and finally had some truth to go on. I got the lesson in the end. I’m giving my children the attention they need. Love can heal and help us get further than we were before. Gone are the days where humans lack full awareness. The life and interaction of people with disabilities will reflect the standard of relationships for humans. Whether you believe it or not People with Disabilities Matter.

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Published by ausomeplacetobe

I am one amazing human being named Willa Strong. I actually wrote my first book at 9 years old, it was called "The Kidnap". Now at 40 years my vision to be one of the best writers in the world is being fulfilled with the start of this blog. I am happy to give a voice to my three special children with autism and our family. Their struggles and their success have inspired me to give this life all that I have. Thank you for the support Strong-Walker Tribe. I love you!

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