I Need A Breakthrough

Well Well Well. I enjoy fresh starts and this week is a sign of new beginnings. My beautiful family and I are due for a breakthrough after the heavy load we carried this far. I personally have called for a good change of events to occur for us. I want relief from caring for my 3 teenagers with autism and staying at hotels. I want a Home for us.

Not having the space to give my girls the extra help that they need has been stressful to me. I have suffered mental anxiety being rejected for apartments and houses. I feel the pressure to move fast because my Husband needs to be on the Kidney Donor list. One of the requirements for the list is having a stable home to care for himself and heal. A hotel doesn’t count as a Home. My children are still considered homeless at their schools.

I’ve suffered from shame as I got rejected from shelters and housing programs. I spent good time and energy hunting for affordable housing to be told the waiting lists aren’t open. I’ve chased every lead to no end. I’d gas up my van and turn on my optimism to ensure I got approved.

Some of the worst feelings come up for me when people I’m close to don’t understand. When others assume I did something wrong because something wrong happened to me it hurts. I want the space and freedom to transform my hurt, anxiety, and shame. I need a vacation. I simply need restoration to continue my service to my family.

I’ve been neck deep in responsibility to my family without a Home and without the income we need. The fresh start is possible. I know I’m worth it. I know my family is worthy. Can we please get a break? You are welcome to support me in getting a moment of mental and physical relief. I started a gofund me account after our only means of transportation broke down yesterday. I just put my hands up and decided to ask for what I need. My goal is to raise 50000 dollars this month. My family and I will use those funds to get permanent housing and get reliable transportation. Everything will be used to provide my children with the support they need to communicate to other people.

I’m so determined to make great changes for my family. I know we’re getting the fresh start we need because I’m creating it. I trust my work more than I trust my feelings. Please click the link below to make a donation. I appreciate you. Thank you for reading.


Published by ausomeplacetobe

I am one amazing human being named Willa Strong. I actually wrote my first book at 9 years old, it was called "The Kidnap". Now at 40 years my vision to be one of the best writers in the world is being fulfilled with the start of this blog. I am happy to give a voice to my three special children with autism and our family. Their struggles and their success have inspired me to give this life all that I have. Thank you for the support Strong-Walker Tribe. I love you!

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