Being Seen and Heard

When I think about humans with disabilities I wonder what keeps them happy. I’ve observed that often humans are just being first. It isn’t until they interact with humans outside of themselves that our differences are scrutinized. I keep a place in my mind body and spirit to care for humans with disabilities. I keepContinue reading “Being Seen and Heard”

I Need A Breakthrough

Well Well Well. I enjoy fresh starts and this week is a sign of new beginnings. My beautiful family and I are due for a breakthrough after the heavy load we carried this far. I personally have called for a good change of events to occur for us. I want relief from caring for myContinue reading “I Need A Breakthrough”

Psychological Evaluation

Being an Ausome Mom means testing and testing and more testing. With all three of my children being nonverbal I am their voice when its time to answer questions. Psychological Evaluations have been a staple of information from medical professionals to teacher’s and therapist. Everyone offering my children services wants to see their evaluation results.Continue reading “Psychological Evaluation”

Chasing Home

My Husband just gave me a reminder that feeling nervous when looking for a home is natural. My whole life I’ve been searching for that perfect space to call my own. Since we’ve become a family home is more essential. But my Husband let me know that I can move forward with assurance when searchingContinue reading “Chasing Home”

3 Faces, 3 Businesses, 3 Girls

Let’s say I have 3 faces. Is that too out of this world? Being the Mother of 3 girls gives me 3 different parts of me. So why can’t I have 3 faces? I don’t mean faces I mean business. Each business represents my children in some way. Having my Trinity of daughters made meContinue reading “3 Faces, 3 Businesses, 3 Girls”